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Launder away Aching Limbs with a Rechargeable Electric Heating Pad! In our busy lives we like things that are convenient and quick. It might even be something as trivial as quick cook rice or something as big as a laptop. We use different items in our life to make our day-to-day tasks simpler and quicker. Designed for the perfect urban outlook, here is a Sensible and efficient Rechargeable Hot Bottle filled with Galvanothermy energy conversion agent, which helps it to warm up quickly & keep the product hot for long time!!! Product Description: Heating Pad is useful for providing instant relief from pain and treatment of sports injuries, arthritis, sore neck, backache, toothache, menstrual cramps, hypothermia, sprains, growing pains etc.This rechargeable Heating Pad can be charged just like mobile phone and can be used continuous for 60 to 90 minutes. Features: Easy to use and carry anywhere: Comes with a charging cable so you can charge it up to be used anywhere, any time. Shock proof: Completely safe from leaks, the bottle simply plugs into the wall and uses electricity from the means to heat up in just 8 minutes. An auto-shut off safety function prevents overheating and a triple layer PVC construction makes this durable bottle totally burst-proof. Less electricity consumption Safe to use: The hot water bottle features a soft polyester velour cover and ultra-strong rubber film composite fiber to make it ultra-snuggly will not damage clothes or burn skin. when relaxing in front of the TV or snuggling down for a long sleep. Easy operation: Does not require filling of water, It contains permanent pre-filling Galvanothermy energy conversion agent solution Benefits: Body cramps and aches be gone as they ebb away with an application of the hot pillow on aching areas. It also helps in : Eases arthritis pain Helps in stroke recovery Reduces tummy ache Reduces body swelling Helps in losing weight soothes sore muscles Improves blood circulation Reduces 'wind' in stomach For relief of the fractures Good for maternity Helps alleviate those dreaded menstrual cramps every month! It has curative effect for arthritis, neck vertebra ache, waist ache, and chilblain. Rechargeable Heating PAD - Rechargeable Heat Lasts 2 - 6 Hours. Polyester material. It is also known as Warm Water Bag, Warm pillow, Hot water massage bag, Portable rechargeable Hot / Warm Water / Gel Bag. Key Features: No Smell No Side Effects Easy to Use & Carry Soft / Comfortable Feel Auto Warm Function Shock Proof Does not require filling of water It contains Permanent Prefilling Solution. Takes only 10-15 minutes to charge and the heat lasts an amazing 2 to 6 hours! The ETL listed electric power cord detaches. You can take the heat wherever you want to go. And there's never a need to refill the bottle. Approx Size: 23.5x17.5x3.5 cm 10-15

Colour :- Assorted

Material :- Fabric

Length :- 7

Width :- 5

Weight :- 500